Friday Night Jib Fights: Back With Vengeance

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Last Friday was stop number four of the Friday Night Jib Fights contest tour and Brighton’s preemtive strike at Mardi Gras! The night started off with fire pits, marshmallows and a freshly dug in course set up by our fine park crew. The snowy day let in the fears of a snowy night, yet luckily nature was feeling generous and gave us some clear darkness at the base of the Alpine Rose. At stake was $100, $50 and $25 for first, second and third place in each of the respected divisions. It was a heated night, but in the end winners and competitors walked away with either cash or an awesome selection of prizes from our product toss. Be sure to make it to stop number 5 at Park City next Friday, February 22nd!

Skiing Men: 1st- Jake Doan, 2nd- James Gill, 3rd- Sean Kennedy

Skiing Women: 1st- Marley Rodwick, 2nd- Amanda Feferm

Snowboarding Women: 1st- Sam Kolesky, 2nd- Lauren Broomall, 3rd- Brooke Scott

Snowboarding Men: 1st- Treyson Allen, 2nd- Sam Wittke, 3rd- Makalu Arnold

Friday Night Jib Fight: Feb 8th from Brighton Resort on Vimeo.

All photos by: Jesse Anderson

Cam Pierce and Brandon Hammid holding down the fort.

Judges: Cale Zima, Brandon Cocard and Brandon Hammid

                                            Smores and Red Bull???

                                                     Skiers Men: Podium

Ladies Snowboarding: Podium

                                              Snowboarding Men: Podium

                                                Best Trick: Dillon Guenther

                                                              Product Toss

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  1. uhhh chuuch, my boy Treyson and Sam getting after it!!!

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