Satch Jib Pipe

Dear friends,
First off, I wanted to thank everyone who came out and participated. We had so much fun hanging out and shredding. We had a great turn out this year. Everyone was solid right from the beginning. Some of the highlights were, Skier C.J. Bodey, killing it with a 630 off the pole jam. The Defending Champion Everest Arnold was throwing down all sorts of technical spins onto the features, and stomping hand plants on the dog house box. It was a close call between all finalists. The first place overall Skier, Walter Shearon won by throwing down tricks like K-FED’s on the fire cracker rail and 360 nose drag on the sphere. The first place overall boarder was Brandon Hoebush. He destroyed the course by doing 50-50 backflip off the pole jam, hand plants in the pipe, and even M.J.’s on the boxes. The overall girl category winner, Victoria Ashley demonstrated her skills by boosting big air back 180’s off the pole jam, and back lips on the hitching post. I would like to thank all of the sponsors who helped out with this event. Slug Mag, Savai Snowboards, Skull Candy, Fuel TV, Surface for hooking up awesome prizes, KAB Rails, Red Bull for keeping us amped, Thirty Two, Pow, Neff, Etnies, Smith, and Brighton Resort. Also, a special thanks to Jared Winkler and The Truth Terrain Park Crew for all their hard work to make this event happen. If it wasn’t for you guys (the participants) and the sponsors this event wouldn’t be such a huge success. I enjoyed watching and cheering along with everyone who kill it through out the day. Satch is real excited to be able to put this on. We do it for the sport and we hope everyone had as much fun as we did.


Erin Young
Satch LLC

More Photos and Video to come.. Check Back Soon.