Brighton Peep Park Permit Program

A PEEP’s park permit is required at all times to enter the MY O MY terrain park. You, the user, are required to understand and know all guidelines and expectations before a park permit will be granted. The park permit is valid until the end of the season, during the normal park hours of operation. Under no circumstances may you enter the park when it is closed. The park permit is only for entrance into the MY O MY terrain park and is not valid as a means to board any of the lifts.

After completion of the PEEP’s online registration and RELEASE OF LIABILITY you will be expected to adhere to all rules and regulations contained within the agreement. The terrain park staff will operate under a zero tolerance policy. The rules and regulations are in place for the safety of you and those around you. Entrance in to the terrain park with out a pass will result in a loss of lift ticket or suspension and/or revocation of season pass.


Access to the to the MY O MY terrain park will be controlled at the entrance. Only those persons producing a valid PEEP’s park permit will be permitted on to the run. You must complete the PEEP’s online park etiquette & education program and release of liability. After completing the online program bring you certification voucher, signed release, a $10 processing fee and your photo ID to the Sports Desk on the 3rd floor of the Brighton Center.


Our rules have teeth - Don’t get bitten! Getting tossed out of the MY O MY terrain park, and facing loss of your PEEP’s park permit and suspension of privileges at Brighton for the season, is easy.

  1. FENCING AND CLOSURE RESTRICTIONS ARE ABSOLUTE. Never duck or jump a fence or tapeline. You must also understand that ski’s or a snowboard in front of a feature is a means of closing that feature. Terrain park policy is one person per feature at a time.
  2. YOUR PEEP’S PERMIT IS NOT TRANSFERABLE. We don’t want to see your buddy trying to use your pass. If you forget it go back home and get it.
  3. KEEP CLEAR OF FEATURES. If you are injured, there is no reason to be sitting in a landing. If you just fell but still feel capable of moving it is best to move off the side as quickly as possible.
  4. CALL YOUR DROP. Make sure everyone can hear you call your drop. Also be sure you raise your hand so that those with headphones understand.